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After years of sharing his expertise with equipment dealers and farmers at combine and seed workshops and at clinics at farms, Marcel Kringe, Founder and CEO of Bushel Plus and an expert in combine calibration, tapped his team of product specialists, agronomists and agriculture engineers to create and deliver The Harvest Academy.

Our team of experts deliver wide-ranging expertise in sessions and at events on pre-harvest maintenance, equipment operation, technology integration, safety, cost-effective harvest practices and resource allocation, and much more. Teachings will also apply to combines with automation where proper calibration is critical.

Marcel Kringe

CEO & Founder of Bushel Plus Ltd.

Marcel Kringe, grew up on a family farm in Germany, where he pursued an Ag Engineering degree. Work & travel studies in Canada, Russia and Brazil led him to move to Canada.

He learned English on the go while working on different farm operations all over Canada, before settling in Brandon MB for a job as a Cargill Agronomist. Marcel left his corporate career to focus full-time on his hobby, Bushel Plus. Today, the Agricultural products of Bushel Plus Ltd. are sold in more than 35 countries and the company employs a team of 35 great people in three different countries. 

Through his own work and training others on large scale farming operations all over the world, Marcel comes with over 20 years of hands on experience, which he has conveyed while delivered keynotes and speaking at combine clinics since his early Agronomist and Bushel Plus days.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to receive the “Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award” from the Chamber of Commerce in Westman and received the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal for his outstanding community service aimed at enhancing Manitoba.

Marcel works tirelessly to develop a great working environment for his team and new products, all in pursuit of ensuring the safety and profitability of farmers!

Alan Armstrong

MAD Concave Expert

Alan Armstrong hails from the fertile lands surrounding Cardale, MB. As an owner/operator producer, he specializes in grain, seed, and pulse crop production. Co-founding MAD Concaves in 2006, which later incorporated in 2011 before selling to Bushel Plus in 2022, Alan has been instrumental in driving agricultural innovation. With two decades of experience as a product specialist with CNH ag equipment dealers, he’s been a trusted advisor to farmers. Alan’s passion extends beyond his work, as he actively participates in various boards and ventures across the province, championing advancements in agriculture.

Kris Kristjanson

Technical Sales Manager

Kris Kristjansen grew up on a cattle ranch in the Ste Rose du Lac area of Manitoba, Canada, where he learned the ins and outs of agriculture. Managing a herd of around 500 beef cows and overseeing crop production for grain and feed honed his skills early on.

His commitment extended beyond the ranch, volunteering for the Manitoba Beef Producers and Turle River Watershed Conservation District Boards. Kris’s dedication to sustainable practices was evident in his community involvement.

For nine years, Kris ran a successful custom spraying business before selling his farm and joining Enns Brothers in 2019 working with major harvest equipment, most prominently, John Deere. Starting as a Service Advisor and Shop Coordinator, he quickly transitioned to a Product Support role, excelling in equipment demonstrations and optimization.

Since July 2022, Kris has been with Bushel Plus as a Technical Sales Manager while also conducting clinics and providing training. His diverse experience and passion for innovation continue to drive him to empower farmers in their pursuits.

Jan Geiger

European Training Specialist

Jan Geiger grew up on a contracting farm in Schleswig-Holstein and has been connected to self-propelled harvesters since his childhood, leading him to discover his passion for farming and machinery early in life. After pursuing a degree in agriculture with a specialization in engineering at the University of Hohenheim, he delved into global agricultural practices. Upon graduating with his degree, Jan began his agriculture technology career with John Deere™ that saw him managing 15 countries in Eastern Europe and the Baltics as a Product Specialist for combines and later SPFH as well. After many years and countless hours in the field as a Combine Harvester Specialist with CLAAS, Jan committed himself to enhancing harvest efficiency worldwide through the development of Geiger Agri-Solutions in 2020. Notably, he introduced the Bushel Plus system to Europe, aiming to elevate profitability and safety for farmers during harvests. Today, Geiger Agri-Solutions is the German distribution partner for Bushel Plus, and Jan and his team focus on optimizing combine harvesting through the European branch of Bushel Plus’ training services, AgrarTraining.de
Studies by leading institutes have revealed a notable inefficiency: on average, combine drivers utilize only 70% of the machine’s potential during harvest. This underutilization, attributed to diverse conditions and operational hesitations, represents a significant opportunity for improvement and increased return on investment. Jan Geiger envisions bridging this gap by providing comprehensive training programs aimed at empowering operators to unlock the full 100% potential of their equipment, ensuring enhanced productivity and efficiency in the field.

Marcel and the team at Bushel Plus do a fantastic job on breaking down the in-season and year over year financial impacts of preventative maintenance on your headers, adjustments in the guts of the combine for increased efficiencies in horsepower, fuel consumptions, and most importantly, covering more acres. These combine clinics are great for learning your new machines as well as tweaking ol’ reliable.

Mike Schaefer | Field Sales Manager, NuSeed US
I’m so glad I attended this combine clinic from Bushel Plus. Very educational and informative, the set up was much appreciated, and the details learned helped so much in setting up my new combine. The tips and tricks for canola are unmatched and made a big difference at harvest. I would highly recommend attending it and hope to again. Remember to take notes as Marcel is a valuable source of information.
Jerry Stromstand | Farmer, North Dakota US

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