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Welcome to The Bushel Plus Harvest Academy™ (The Harvest Academy), proudly owned and operated by Bushel Plus Ltd.

We specialize in empowering agricultural partners to cultivate success in the farming industry. Through our comprehensive learning and discovery environment, we provide farmers with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to optimize their harvest processes and maximize yields. Our mission is to foster farmer success by offering key focus areas such as implementing best practices, increasing crop yields, maximizing profits, enhancing operational efficiency, prioritizing safety, and promoting food security. At The Harvest Academy, we believe in the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, and environmental stewardship to ensure a sustainable future for agriculture.

The Harvest Academy is a one-of-a-kind combine education and training program designed to provide farmers and agriculture professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize harvest processes. We’re excited to collaborate with you on uniquely tailored, in-person combine clinic sessions and events on how to reduce harvest loss; maximize yields, increase capacity, improve seed quality, revenues and efficiencies. Clinics will present new concepts, tackle common oversights, and focus on hands-on tips and the theory of optimal combine performance.

A Team of Experts Delivering Technical Excellence.

After years of sharing his expertise with equipment dealers and farmers at combine and seed workshops and at clinics at farms, Marcel Kringe, Founder and CEO of Bushel Plus and an expert in combine calibration, tapped his team of product specialists, agronomists and agriculture engineers to create and deliver The Harvest Academy.

Marcel Kringe | CEO & Founder of Bushel Plus Ltd.

Many people are amazed to learn from us that the combine is not a set it and forget it piece of equipment during harvest – that there are a number of tips to consider and important metrics that can be set up – and even before harvest starts,” said Marcel Kringe, Bushel Plus founder and CEO. “Simply driving your combine slowly is a waste of time. The combine is one of the most fascinating, important and complex machines on the farm.. The season and even subtle straw conditions can influence performance, which in turn can affect yields. We are bringing Bushel Plus Harvest Academy to North America so farmers and Ag Professionals can learn more details about different settings that can be calibrated so they can achieve optimal combine efficiency.”


Our team of experts deliver wide-ranging expertise in sessions and at events on pre-harvest maintenance, equipment operation, technology integration, safety, cost-effective harvest practices and resource allocation, and much more. Teachings will also apply to combines with automation where proper calibration is critical.

Who Can Benefit from Harvest Academy Combine Clinic Training?

Programs can be customized and modified to serve the needs of farmers and farm operators, seed producers, dealers, agronomists and other ag professionals.

Optimize your harvest and maximize your farm profits.

  • Farmers

  • Farm Operators and teams

Elevate your customer experience with tailored training for your teams or combine clinics for your farmer customers. Topics of focus can be minimizing harvest losses, increasing capacity and improving seed quality, and more.

  • Agronomists

  • Ag Dealerships and teams
  • Seed Producers

  • Other Ag Professionals

Inspire future farmers and ag professionals by adding Harvest Optimization to your post-secondary programs

  • Colleges

  • Universities

  • Certificate Programs

  • & more!

About Bushel Plus Ltd.

Bushel Plus is committed to optimizing harvest and making every harvest touchpoint easier, safer, and more profitable for farmers and ag professionals. Since inception in 2016, Bushel Plus has built a global dealer distribution network, with sales that span over 35 countries. Top OEM combine manufactures use and trust our leading harvest loss management solution, the SmartPan System™, in their R&D and Marketing departments to showcase their combines. Other product lines include the MiniCombine™ and most recently, concaves through our acquisition of MAD Concaves™ in 2022.
Bushel Plus is committed to helping farmers succeed by delivering continuous innovation, quality experiences, and technical excellence in harvest efficiency.

Vision: To increase global food production by dramatically reducing harvest loss.

Mission:  To add value and profit to every harvest with tools, technology and information that optimize efficiency.

Cornerstones for Success: Farmer Success, Technical Excellence, Quality Experiences, Continuous Innovation

Marcel and the team at Bushel Plus do a fantastic job on breaking down the in-season and year over year financial impacts of preventative maintenance on your headers, adjustments in the guts of the combine for increased efficiencies in horsepower, fuel consumptions, and most importantly, covering more acres. These combine clinics are great for learning your new machines as well as tweaking ol’ reliable.

Mike Schaefer | Field Sales Manager, NuSeed US
I’m so glad I attended this combine clinic from Bushel Plus. Very educational and informative, the set up was much appreciated, and the details learned helped so much in setting up my new combine. The tips and tricks for canola are unmatched and made a big difference at harvest. I would highly recommend attending it and hope to again. Remember to take notes as Marcel is a valuable source of information.
Jerry Stromstand | Farmer, North Dakota US

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