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Harvest Academy Combine Clinic

The Harvest Academy Combine Clinic comprises six comprehensive modules designed to guide you through every aspect of utilizing a combine efficiently. From learning the intricacies of the machine to optimizing its performance, our program empowers you to maximize your harvest yields and minimize your harvest losses while saving both time and money.

The small details count to deliver maximum value to any audience from just starting out to seasoned industry experts with years of experience. Starting with the header through the threshing and cleaning systems, down to proper calibration practices, we cover it all. Sessions can also be tailored to discuss specific crops and harvest conditions. 


1-2 Speakers

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A complete combine clinic (Modules 1-6) can be delivered within 4-5 hours not including lunch break.

 Keynote Speaking/Customization

Clinic events can be customized to include only select modules, delivered as shorter event keynotes, and tailored to the needs of the audience. Contact Us for more information.

Marcel and the team at Bushel Plus do a fantastic job on breaking down the in-season and year over year financial impacts of preventative maintenance on your headers, adjustments in the guts of the combine for increased efficiencies in horsepower, fuel consumptions, and most importantly, covering more acres. These combine clinics are great for learning your new machines as well as tweaking ol’ reliable.

Mike Schaefer | Field Sales Manager, NuSeed US
I’m so glad I attended this combine clinic from Bushel Plus. Very educational and informative, the set up was much appreciated, and the details learned helped so much in setting up my new combine. The tips and tricks for canola are unmatched and made a big difference at harvest. I would highly recommend attending it and hope to again. Remember to take notes as Marcel is a valuable source of information.
Jerry Stromstand | Farmer, North Dakota US

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